What Our Customers Are Saying...

  • I have just started using it now that the weather has turned nice. It provides the right amount of moisture without being too heavy or greasy. It also works well on Sophia's skin and you know how hard it is to get lotion of any sort on fast-moving toddlers. :)

    ~Stephanie -

  • My daughter has eczema in her hairline and when she used your product it cleared up. She used many prescription medications and they only cleared up the area for a little while. I used it on my face when I noticed a small cut from dryness. After less than a day and a half the cut was closed and my face was healed.

    ~Connie -

  • Your product softened my rough patches and lightened some dark areas. I’m sold on it! I tell everyone I know to try it!

    ~Carliece -

  • Love it especially for my elbows and feet.  It is keeping them soft between scrubs and pedicures.  Less scraping!  Loved the smell.  Would like to see squeeze tubes.  But don't know how that would work. Can I have lavender please???

    ~Judy -

  • I loved the product.

    ~Will -

  • Wow! That's great news! I'll be placing an order soon. Great product.

    ~Kim -

  • I traveled without my usual baby oil that I love so much after my shower.  I remembered that I had your product with me, and all I can say is WOW! It was such a lighter feel on my body than the baby oil, that I will be purchasing another and will be Christmas gifts for special loved ones. Thank you Coco!

    ~Sheila -